A powerful, inspiring, and transparent masterpiece by speaker, author, and leader, Thaabit Hedgepeth.

Facing life in prison at the age of sixteen for two counts of first-degree-murder, Thaabit was left with only two options. He could accept responsibility for his actions as a menace to society and change his thought processes and behaviors; or continue down a path of destruction which would ultimately result in death. Which would he chose? 

Exposed to substance abuse and violence as early as four years old, Thaabit's own life and decision-making took a wrong turn at the young age of eleven. Once he became involved with the criminal justice system, Thaabit developed an addiction for the thrill, excitement, and street prestige associated with such a reckless lifestyle.

Keep the Change is the blueprint for anyone struggling with life's challenges and obstacles, helping you become the person you've always desperately fought to be!


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